length of data greater than 253

Cristian Novac cristian.novac at alcatel-lucent.ro
Thu Mar 27 10:24:48 CET 2008

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Cristian Novac wrote:
>> I think this solution may work for me too(splitting the attribute);
>> could you tell me how have you done this?because implicitly freeradius
>> doesn't do the split;
>   It doesn't do that because there's no standard way to do it.
>   If you want to have longer attributes, you need to modify *both* the
> client and the server.  In most cases, you can't modify the client (e.g.
> commercial equipment), so modifying the server is a waste of time.
>   There *is* a standard being worked on which may allow longer
> attributes.  Once it is standardized, then clients and servers will
> support it.
>   Until then, don't waste your time trying to create longer attributes.
>   Alan DeKok.
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To be more specific...I work in a wimax environment where radius client 
is integrated in a tool which knows how to reassemble 2 VSAs; if I could 
just split my attribute in the server....

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