Module for Access Request - wait for some things - Accept/Reject

John Bourke john.bourke at
Mon Apr 13 16:19:12 CEST 2009


I need to implement a extension which makes Access Request decisions in
batch.  I need to queue up a bunch of requests, analyse them, and decide
which are Accepted or Rejected.  This is for a resource allocation problem,
not an authentication problem.  I want to batch 2-3 seconds of requests
which could be up to 150 requests, (I need to handle some exceptional peak

"Similarly, the module infrastructure is NOT intended to allow servers,
applications, timed events, or anything other than handling incoming RADIUS

So the best way is to push this problem off to another application via some
clean, non blocking, interface.


How may outstanding Access Requests can I have waiting on the
module/external to complete ?  I guess this is a question about Free Radius
internal threading, queueing or blocking/non blocking.

Does the Free Radius/Module architecture allow large numbers of outstanding
Access Requests, and if so, are they queued, or do they exist in 100's of
independent blocking threads, or is there some other mechanism ?

Many thanks


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