Module for Access Request - wait for some things - Accept/Reject

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Apr 13 17:59:07 CEST 2009

John Bourke wrote:
> I need to implement a extension which makes Access Request decisions in
> batch.  I need to queue up a bunch of requests, analyse them, and decide
> which are Accepted or Rejected.  This is for a resource allocation problem,
> not an authentication problem.  I want to batch 2-3 seconds of requests
> which could be up to 150 requests, (I need to handle some exceptional peak
> loads).

  That is very difficult to do in the current design of the server.

  And if your back-end system can't handle a steady stream of requests,
it's likely time to get a better back-end system.  Really.

> "Similarly, the module infrastructure is NOT intended to allow servers,
> applications, timed events, or anything other than handling incoming RADIUS
> packets."
> So the best way is to push this problem off to another application via some
> clean, non blocking, interface.


> But.
> How may outstanding Access Requests can I have waiting on the
> module/external to complete ?  I guess this is a question about Free Radius
> internal threading, queueing or blocking/non blocking.

  Lots.  I would suggest *proxying* the requests to another RADIUS
server that you write yourself.  It can queue up the requests, and then
respond in one big batch.

> Does the Free Radius/Module architecture allow large numbers of outstanding
> Access Requests, and if so, are they queued, or do they exist in 100's of
> independent blocking threads, or is there some other mechanism ?

  If you block in a module, then it *will* use many threads.  If you
proxy the requests, it won't.

  I wouldn't recommend doing this, to be honest.  It's going to be
expensive, fragile, and completely non-standard.  I would suggest
instead fixing the back end system.

  Alan DeKok.

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