next release?

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Dec 2 15:52:08 CET 2009

Garber, Neal wrote:
> Previously, you had mentioned you were going to start looking at including bug 17 (MS-CHAP incorrectly calculating challenge due to case mismatch of userid) in 2.1.8.  I realize other things have come up since then and that plans can change.  So, is it still on the roadmap for 2.1.8?  (Please don't take this as me pushing, I'm just curious about your plans..)

  Oh, push all you want.   My main worry is that MS-CHAP is pretty core
to the system, and *any* changes make me paranoid.

  I think you had at least one other person test it.  If you could get a
few more people to give feedback, I'd be more confident that it doesn't
destroy anything.

> Thank you again Alan for all of the time and energy you put into making FreeRadius the best!

  What can I say, I'm motivated. :)

  Alan DeKok.

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