next release?

Garber, Neal Neal.Garber at
Wed Dec 2 23:08:09 CET 2009

> My main worry is that MS-CHAP is pretty core
> to the system, and *any* changes make me paranoid.

I understand and I totally agree with you.

> I think you had at least one other person test it.  

Yes, one person who was having the problem described by bug 17 contacted me off-list.  I told him to get the patch from bugzilla.  He applied it and confirmed that the patch correct the issue for him (and didn't cause any other issues).  Also, we've been running with it on 3 servers for more than 3 months now with no problems.

> If you could get a few more people to give feedback, 
> I'd be more confident that it doesn't destroy anything.

Ok.  I'll start begging again ;-).  I think Arran and Alan B. mentioned a while ago that they might be willing to test it.  

Arran/Alan B: Have either of you had a chance to do any testing?

If a few sites that use MS-CHAP auth. can apply the patch and verify 
that it doesn't break anything, it would be greatly appreciated.  
Others have reported similar issues in the past and this patch *may* 
resolve some of these issues:

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