FreeRadius as a RADIUS server cum GPRS subscriber database

Peter Nixon listuser at
Thu Jan 15 08:22:16 CET 2009

On Thu 15 Jan 2009, Sourav Chakraborty wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are evaluating whether we can use FreeRadius as a RADIUS server cum
> GPRS subscriber database(using MYSQL).There are these queries which we
> have and hence I am seeking your help --- 1>What is the rate of RADIUS
> msgs that FreeRadius can handle?
> 2>What needs to be done if we want to write handlers for
> START/STOP/Interim Update acct msgs?The handlers would basically extract
> info of the corresponding subscriber(framed-IP) from the mySQL database
> and send out radius response. 3>On receiving STOP msg from NAS,can
> FreeRadius send out notification to a particular IP?Any event handling
> capability existing?

Hi Sourav

I have had FreeRADIUS deployed at a large GSM/GPRS operator for 3 years now 
without any problems. I am using PostgreSQL my configuration which is 
documented in the wiki would need to be modified to work with MySQL. I 
highly recomend you use PostgreSQL unless there is a particular requirement 
for MySQL as it is in my experience much more reliable, and generally 
speaking more "correct" which is what you want when you are dealing with 
billing records.

My setup is running on original, low end SunFire Opteron servers and until I 
updated my kernel a month ago they had been running without reboot for 
almost 700 days.. They happily handle GGSN restarts which generate 
connection floods of thousands of radius requests per second..



Peter Nixon

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