FreeRadius as a RADIUS server cum GPRS subscriber database

Sourav Chakraborty sourav.chakraborty at
Thu Jan 15 05:56:57 CET 2009

Hi All,

We are evaluating whether we can use FreeRadius as a RADIUS server cum GPRS subscriber database(using MYSQL).There are these queries which we have and hence I am seeking your help ---
1>What is the rate of RADIUS msgs that FreeRadius can handle?
2>What needs to be done if we want to write handlers for START/STOP/Interim Update acct msgs?The handlers would basically extract info of the corresponding subscriber(framed-IP) from the mySQL database and send out radius response.
3>On receiving STOP msg from NAS,can FreeRadius send out notification to a particular IP?Any event handling capability existing?

Thanks in Advance
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