detail logging not logging?

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Jan 17 09:39:17 CET 2009

Brad Clemmons Jr wrote:
> Hacking to oblivion...that's an interesting way of putting it.

  Well... it clearly doesn't work, does it?

> The only things I changed:

  I didn't ask what you changed.  I gave you a list of the minimal
changes necessary to make it works.  You've done a lot more than that.

  You can stick with what you've done, which you admit doesn't work.

  Or, you can follow instructions.

> Changed the directory locations such as prefix and instance_prefix to my
> locations,

  That shouldn't be necessary.

> Changed user and pass,
> Changed Listening port,
> Changed type from authentication to accounting only

  That shouldn't be necessary.

> *Added the detail section at the bottom and configure the directory
> locations etc... 

  That's completely wrong.  As I suggested, see the examples that come
with the server for how to *correctly* configure it.

> Oh and I turned off proxying, virtualhosting,

  Why?  Do you understand what the side-effects of that are?

> and added the detail {}
> section AFTER I had already realized the detail logging didn't seem to
> be logging anywhere although I could confirm that it was taking the
> accounting packets since I could see the errors in the radius.log if I
> set the secret incorrectly.  But those 1 or 2 errors were the only
> logging I could get.

  Because you butchered the default configuration.  You removed the
configuration that told it use the "detail" file when receiving
accounting records.

  You added a useless "detail" section at the bottom of "radiusd.conf".
   If you *read* the default configuration files, you will see that
there is a structure to them.  Adding random configurations at random
places in the files won't work.

> The only hacking out of anything I did was to remove the commented
> sections when I copy/pasted into this email just to keep the email from
> growing insanely long.

  You can believe that, or you can believe my description of the changes
you *admit* to making.  Changes you *admit* don't work.

  If you think what you've done is fine, then it is impossible for me to
help you.

  If you are willing to follow instructions, then you will solve the
problem.  In *less* time than it takes to argue about it on this list.

  Alan DeKok.

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