Status-Server support for RADIUS client

Lewis Adam-VNQM87 VNQM87 at
Wed Apr 14 12:04:33 CEST 2010

 I'm in the process of developing an embedded client based on the 1.1.6
client code. We have a requirement for issuing a Status-Server request
and I can see, as it stands, the code doesn't work. The freeRADIUS
server I am working with expects a PW_MESSAGE_AUTHENTICATOR attribute.
The function rc_check() in lib\buildreq.c currently does not add the
PW_MESSAGE_AUTHENTICATOR attribute. Searching for
PW_MESSAGE_AUTHENTICATOR in the server code, I found the following code
in src\module\rlm_eam\eap.c :
  memset(vp->vp_octets, 0, AUTH_VECTOR_LEN);
  vp->length = AUTH_VECTOR_LEN;
  pairadd(&(request->reply->vps), vp);

So, my questions are:
1. If the Status-Server request is experimental, is it known whether
(many) other commercial RADIUS server products are supporting it?
2. Are there requirements and if so guidelines for creating meaningful
authenticator values rather than all zeroes as above?
3. Are there any plans to update the client code with support for the
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