Hanging Problem in 2.1.10

David Mitchell mitchell at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 26 22:44:06 CEST 2010

Alan DeKok wrote:
> David Mitchell wrote:
>> I'm attaching a full gdb log. I suspect that whatever is going wrong is
>> a little before the actual hang. I'm seeing that whenever the server
>> hangs, there was the warning about an EAP session not finishing a few
>> transactions earlier. I'm 99% certain that my server certs are good, so
>> I think the warning is misleading. I have XP client which are connecting
>> without issue, and the clients I'm getting the warnings about are
>> sometimes OSX or Linux.
>   It's an annoying cross-platform pthread issue.  The gdb back trace
> helped, thanks.  I know how to fix it, and will commit a fix tomorrow or
> Saturday.

OK. No hurry, I switched to a 2.1.9 server once I had obtained the trace
info. Let me know when you have a fix in and I'll try it out. Thanks,


>   Alan DeKok.
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