[URGENT question] AAA implementation ㅜㅜ

권란 kwon_lan at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 7 09:55:18 CEST 2010


I'm implementing a WiFi AAA server with PEAP(mschapv2) method over radius stack. 


and I test AAA server through PC with windows xp, vista, and also through iphone and smart phone(nokia - symbian). 


It succeed with iphone and smart phone , they can access internet after authenticated by my AAA server.


But the problem is windows client. AAA server authenticated client successfully and answered with encrypted 


auth_string (rfc2759 :  Microsoft PPP CHAP Extensions, Version 2). but the client (windows pc) does not answer. 



1. I confirmed the success string (S=40byte string) is correct.

2. encryption key is also used at the previous step(challenge, response) and successfully passed. 

3. then what could be the problem? 





I have only one more day for this implementation, but I can't find the problem. 



Pelease somebody help me. I'm waiting for answer all day and all night.  thank you. 
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