Challenge/response in client 1.1.6

Scott Neugroschl redfloyd at
Mon Jun 14 20:57:19 CEST 2010

Hi guys,


It looks like the FreeRADIUS client library 1.1.6 doesn't handle
challenge/response (code == PW_ACCESS_CHALLENGE).

At the end of rc_send_server(), around line 390, only PW_ACCESS_ACCEPT,
PW_PASSWORD_REJECT are valid responses.


I'm working on a project that may require this functionality, so I'll look
into adding it.  I'll post what I can when I've got it.


Unless I'm horribly wrong and there is already Access-Challenge support, in
which case, please feel free to tell me how stupid I am and show me how to
use it.


Side note: Are PW_PASSWORD_{REQUEST,ACK,REJECT} experimental or extensions?
I couldn't find them in RFC 2865.









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