dhcp integrated in rlm_sql

Stephen R. van den Berg srb at cuci.nl
Tue Aug 23 15:51:52 CEST 2011

Alan DeKok wrote:
>Stephen R. van den Berg wrote:
>> Only in the definition of the "jumptable".  This in order to ensure that
>> the number of entries there doesn't shift up and down with WITH_COA
>> being present or not.

>  That's what #ifdef's are for...

Sometimes #ifdefs are considered ugly.  I'll adjust my policy for freeradius
source code.

>> properly rebuilt (yes, there are issues with the Makefiles too).

>  I don't see why.  src/main/rules.mak ensures that all of the modules
>depend on src/include/modules.h.  So any changes to that will result in
>the modules being re-built.

Well, maybe I'll figure it out somewhere along the line.  Suffice it to
say that had cases where I modified files, but it didn't result in
new binaries.  Maybe the debian stuff has problems.

>  No.  *All* of the modules need to be updated.  Every single last one.
> The patch changed only a select few.

>>>  The real way to do this is to change the code to allow it to
>>> dynamically register callbacks.  That requires a lot more work,
>>> unfortunately.

>> Yes, sounds like more work than I bargained for.  Is the fix mentioned
>> above enough to get it in?

>  Not really, no.

Suppose I update all modules, and put back the ifdefs, would that help?

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