Roaming support

Filippo Sallemi tonyputi at
Wed Aug 24 17:21:53 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I've a little problem with freeradius and I hope that someone could help me.
I have 3 ap with coovachilli (configured to work with my freeradius
2.x server) connected to 3 xDSL. All work correct but when an user
roam from an ap to another he have to reauhenticate itself (because
the nas changed).

I'm intrested to use UnLang to make freeradius able to check if user
mac is already present in radacct table and if yes authorize user
automatically. In this way every time an user roam from ap to another
it colud be reauthentiated without asking for password.

It is possible?
Could anoyone help me in this?


Filippo Sallemi

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