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> Oh I see. Sorry, I wasn't even aware of that, and I've no idea if it's even
> supported any more.
> I notice that the 'snapshots' link on that page points to an ftp server in
> Turkey which doesn't have any content:
> ....
> All freeradius (server) development has moved to git - it's currently at
> version 2.1.11.

Sounds like a maintainer is needed under the auspices of the freeradius 
project: (from
 "Development of the radiusclient-ng and FreeRADIUS client were 
proceeding in parallel during 2006-2007,... until in early 2008 it has 
been decided to merge both projects ... and discontinue radiusclient-ng 
project.... All developers from the radiusclient-ng project joined 
FreeRADIUS team and few remaining fixes from the radiusclient-ng have 
been merged into FreeRADIUS client package. Development of the codebase 
is ongoing."

The current latest version is on according to the 
page cited above. I was able to download a copy from there that was a 
tad more recent than the stable 1.1.6 version. Meanwhile, a search of shows one project with "radius" and "client" in the name that 
is not related to Ruby or perl. It is "elagin / RadiusClient", and has 
just a few files. Interestingly, it was committed recently (2/18/2011). 
The size is 250K but most of the files are private and cannot be 
downloaded. The main.cpp file refers to radiusclient library functions 
but itself is not radiusclient. So, I'm not sure what this is but it 
does not appear to be the main site for radiusclient.

So, it looks like radiusclient is currently not well supported within the
freeradius project, and the name "radiusclient" is taken on

If a maintainer is needed, I am willing to volunteer at least for now. 
Since the name "radiusclient" on github is taken, would it make sense to 
include radiusclient in the freeradius server source tree?  That would 
be handy for those who want both, and it's not very large so people who 
don't want it wouldn't be bothered much. It could even be configured not 
to compile by default.  Once the housekeeping (file transfer to github,
updating the make files) is done, the first thing I would do is merge the
dictionaries with the ones that come with the server!  If there is a
(dormant) maintainer already, I will be happy to work with him/her to
do what is needed.  Thanks - Larry Widman
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