Patch to fix PPTP CHAP failure due to unknown-attribute problem

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Jul 6 17:21:38 CEST 2011

freeradius developer/user identity wrote:
> Sounds like a maintainer is needed under the auspices of the freeradius 
> project: (from

  Yes...  Please help. :)

> The current latest version is on according to the 
> page cited above. I was able to download a copy from there that was a 
> tad more recent than the stable 1.1.6 version. Meanwhile, a search of 
> shows one project with "radius" and "client" in the name that 
> is not related to Ruby or perl. It is "elagin / RadiusClient", and has 
> just a few files. Interestingly, it was committed recently (2/18/2011). 
> The size is 250K but most of the files are private and cannot be 
> downloaded. The main.cpp file refers to radiusclient library functions 
> but itself is not radiusclient. So, I'm not sure what this is but it 
> does not appear to be the main site for radiusclient.

  It's not.

> So, it looks like radiusclient is currently not well supported within the
> freeradius project, and the name "radiusclient" is taken on

  No name is "taken" on github.

> If a maintainer is needed, I am willing to volunteer at least for now. 

  Great.  I'll send you a whack of patches.

> Since the name "radiusclient" on github is taken, would it make sense to 
> include radiusclient in the freeradius server source tree?

  No.  That code is *terrible*.

>  That would 
> be handy for those who want both, and it's not very large so people who 
> don't want it wouldn't be bothered much. It could even be configured not 
> to compile by default.  Once the housekeeping (file transfer to github,
> updating the make files) is done, the first thing I would do is merge the
> dictionaries with the ones that come with the server!  If there is a
> (dormant) maintainer already, I will be happy to work with him/her to
> do what is needed.  Thanks - Larry Widman

  Sure.  I've pushed the code to github


  Alan DeKok.

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