Fwd: master branch: dhcp and ATTR_FLAGS.encoded: few questions.

Ruslan Shevchenko ruslan at shevchenko.kiev.ua
Fri May 6 12:14:26 CEST 2011

On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 12:18 PM, Alan DeKok <aland at deployingradius.com> wrote:
> Ruslan Shevchenko wrote:
>> I try to compile freeradius trunk with WITH_DHCP flags, found few issues:
>> 1. encoded  bit-field is removed from ATTR_FLAGS.
>>  (bit it still used in dhcp.c, so compilation is broken)
>>  It's correct, that check of encoded field can be safely removed from
>> dhcp, becouse this flag was used to reflect stage of packet
>> processing,
>>  not stage of flag  ?
>  Yes, that needs to be fixed.

Thanks.  I pulled appropriative changed into github

>> 2. in ATTRF_FLAGS size of do_xlat bitfueld is set to zero
>  ? Nope.  It's a 1-bit bitfield.

 //strange, git diff uses no changes now
 //[may be something with my memory ..]

>> 3. listener.c contains reference to undfined function fr_ipaddr_any.
>  That's a typo.  I'll commit a fix.
>  Alan DeKok.
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