FreeRADIUS 2.2.0 feature query

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Dec 6 00:09:24 CET 2012


just so I am not going mad.....  the Recent news on
lists feature improvements of 2.2.0 . last item listed is:

. Added cache config item to rlm_krb5. When set to "no" ticket caching is disabled which may increase performance.

I cant find this in 2.2.0 - theres no sign of the option in the source code or example
in the provided configuration files.

the option IS there for 3.0 HEAD code.  is this something that will ALSO appear in
the next 2.2.x release? 

...also, one letter expansions are mentioned (a couple of new ones) I seem to recall
that these one letter things are going to go the way of the dodo in that
still correct and happening?



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