Tracking packet/s in the server

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Feb 23 10:00:11 CET 2012


>   The issue there is WHEN do you send traps?
> - when the queue of delayed packets gets more than half full?
> - when the PPS IN-OUT > ... ?
> - how to rate limit the traps so that you don't get spammed by them?
>   What criteria should be used?

perhaps another threshold/counter - eg no more than X per hour??  one advantage
of the trigger.conf is that it can be used to bootstrap an external, for
example if the one RADIUS server is getting a little 'hot', I can instruct my S3/cloud/VM
system to spin up another VM and send a message to the load-balancer to say theres another
box it can use...and when things go quiet the server farm can be dynamically shrunk again.


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