Tracking packet/s in the server

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Feb 23 12:01:34 CET 2012

Alan Buxey wrote:
> perhaps another threshold/counter - eg no more than X per hour??

  Right now, it just tracks requests in the last second.  That was
easiest to implement.

  I'm not sure that tracking requests/hour is useful.  The server can
get sudden spikes on a 2-3 second basis.  The goal of the packet/s
tracking is precisely to catch those spikes.

>  one advantage
> of the trigger.conf is that it can be used to bootstrap an external, for
> example if the one RADIUS server is getting a little 'hot', I can instruct my S3/cloud/VM
> system to spin up another VM and send a message to the load-balancer to say theres another
> box it can use...and when things go quiet the server farm can be dynamically shrunk again.

  That's the idea.  The issue for me is the internal decisions to ensure
that you only get *one* of those messages, instead of one per second, or
one per packet.

  Alan DeKok.

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