Tracking packet/s in the server

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Thu Feb 23 12:52:10 CET 2012

On 23/02/12 08:50, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Alan Buxey wrote:
>> I assume that these values are exposed to eg the status server so we can
>> see them with current monitoring probes, eg monit ?
>    Not yet.  I suppose that could be done.
>> ...and likewise send out an snmptrap via triggers.conf?
>    Yes, that too.
>    The issue there is WHEN do you send traps?
> - when the queue of delayed packets gets more than half full?
> - when the PPS IN-OUT>  ... ?
> - how to rate limit the traps so that you don't get spammed by them?
>    What criteria should be used?

Maybe best to leave this to external tools; just expose the absolute 
COUNTER, and the various rate GAUGE values, and let the tools send the 
alerts, IMO.

For what it's worth, a suitably compiled net-snmp can watch its own 
internal OIDs and execute user-configurable threshold traps.

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