Tracking packet/s in the server

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Feb 24 08:33:10 CET 2012

Brian Candler wrote:
> I think it is more likely to hit a dynamic equilibrium: the % of packets
> dropped increases proportionately as the queue gets fuller.

  That will likely happen, yes.

> Otherwise I suspect it will become bursty: queue goes over 50% and is
> increasing, we start dropping packets, the queue starts to shrink, we start
> accepting packets for a while, the queue starts to grow, we start dropping
> packets again...

  Why is that a problem?  It's also a dynamic equilibrium.

> OTOH, we wouldn't get the full benefit of this unless the NASes implement
> exponential backoff.  If they just resend packets every 3 seconds, say, then
> an overload situation will remain an overload situation anyway.

  Exactly.  RFC 5080 specifies a backoff method, but no one uses it.

  Alan DeKok.

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