3.0 (master) build error

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Tue Jan 10 07:49:25 CET 2012


> by the server. This might be a problem in the following scenarios:
> - user install FR3 package (e.g. rpm/deb)
> - user modifies modules/sql or modules/eap
> - user upgrades FR3 package, and since the two files changed, new
> files will be created (e.g.  modules/sql.rpmnew or
> modules/sql.dpkg-new)
> - both files (e.g. modules/sql and modules/sql.rpmnew) is included and
> parsed by the server, and both define the same module instance. This
> might mean the wrong instance is used, or at minimum create a
> confusion.
> What is the recommended way to solve this problem? Should packagers
> warn users "don't edit any file in modules/*, instead copy to a new
> file and assign new instance name"?

Isn't that the exact same issue that all other modules/* files have,
also now in 2.x? Say, I edited modules/detail.log because I don't like
the default paths.

Same thing is going to happen. IMHO, the creation of .rpmnew files is to
blame in this case. RPM shouldn't do that.

Not that I mind; installing from source is the way to go anyway :-)


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