Compilation issues on freeradius-server v2.1.x for rlm_eap2

JustinP justintphilip at
Fri May 18 14:55:40 CEST 2012


Here is what I did:-

git clone git://
cd freeradius-server
git fetch origin v2.1.x:v2.1.x
git checkout v2.1.x

edited the src/modules/rlm_eap2/Makefile from:-

HOSTAP      = /path/to/hostapd

TARGET      =
SRCS        = rlm_eap2.c


HOSTAP      = /home/rqwt36/hostap/hostap

TARGET      = rlm_eap2
SRCS        = rlm_eap2.c

executed the configuration file as :-
./configure --with-experimental-modules --with-rlm_eap2

I have attached the output of the configuration and make commands.

I had tried adding the path of freeradius-server/src to
But get same errors.

When I force add all the paths in CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH and C_INCLUDE_PATH
These errors go away but other errors like duplicate definitions
starts appearing...

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 3:42 PM, Alan DeKok-2 [via FreeRadius]
<ml-node+s1045715n5711822h44 at> wrote:
> JustinP wrote:
> > In raddb/experimental.conf the descriptions are not complete to use the
> > eap2 module.
> > It doesn't say which parameters to use with configure. to enable
> > experimental modules.
>   Which is why I replied to your message.
> > I hit issues only when I use configuration with following params:-
> >
> > ./configure --with-experimental-modules --with-rlm_eap2
>   You have carefully NOT said what the problems are.  How do you expect
> anyone to help you?
>   Bad question: "I tried stuff and it didn't work.  What do I do next?"
>   Good question: DESCRIBE WHAT HAPPENED.
> > Just curious if it compiling without any problem for you with above
> > configuration?
>   It works for me.
>   I also TOLD YOU what you could do to get it to build: edit the
> Makefile.  It's not hard.  Doing that takes less time than posting on
> the mailing list.
>   Alan DeKok.
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Justin Philip

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