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Tue Nov 13 21:39:14 CET 2012

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 9:14 AM, Arran Cudbard-Bell <
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> On 13 Nov 2012, at 20:02, Peter Lambrechtsen <peter at> wrote:
> > the ldap.attrmap is also quite useful externalised as a separate file
> rather than being part of the specific LDAP module configuration.  In our
> case we run multiple instances of the LDAP Module depending on the path you
> took to get to the FreeRadius instance.  Some of these paths have the same
> LDAP -> VSA Attribute mapping but have different LDAP Servers and Base
> DN/Filters we search on, others have slightly different ones.  So we
> reference the same ldap.attrmap against different module instances.
> > Not a biggie either way as we would just duplicate the mapping across
> the different instances, but I can see the rationale from having everything
> inside the single module configuration file.
> The current mappings file doesn't follow any of the conventions of the
> server, it uses outdated list names and its confusing for new users. It
> makes much more sense to use one of the schemes previously discussed in
> another thread, and if you want to use the same mappings with multiple
> files, then you can move them to an external file and $INCLUDE that.

Great.  I should have thought about an external $INCLUDE file and yes it
does make a whole lot more sense to follow the standard mapping schemes
used in other modules rather than having a whacky standalone mapping scheme
just for LDAP. Carry on and forget I even mentioned it :)
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