Get Attributte Value inside an Module

Patrick Ko patrick0585 at
Thu Feb 21 08:55:48 CET 2013

Hello everybody,
i want to know if it is possible the get The Attributtes Value inside an

First I have the following dictonairy:

VENDOR          Cisco-ASA                               3076

ATTRIBUTE       CASA-Tunnel-Group-Name                  146     string
ATTRIBUTE       CASA-Client-Type                        150     integer
ATTRIBUTE       CASA-Session-Type                       151     integer
ATTRIBUTE       CASA-Session-subype                     152     integer
ATTRIBUTE       CASA-WebVPN-Homepage                    76      string

VALUE   CASA-Client-Type        Cisco-VPN-Client                1
VALUE   CASA-Client-Type        AnyConnect-Client-SSL-VPN       2
VALUE   CASA-Client-Type        Clientless-SSL-VPN              3
VALUE   CASA-Client-Type        Cut-Through-Proxy               4
VALUE   CASA-Client-Type        L2TP/IPsec-SSL-VPN              5
VALUE   CASA-Client-Type        AnyConnect-Client-IPsec-VPN     6


Now I'am trieing to get out inside my C-Module the Value of the Attribute
"CASA-Client-Type", but I didn't get working it!
I want this because I want to know inside my Module if the connected Client
is "annyConnect " etc. to create an Action!
I tried to use the dictionary functions:

*dict_attrbyvalue(unsigned int attr);
dict_valbyname(unsigned int attr, const char *val);

But I didn't find any ot the Attributes in my Dictionary File! Is their
another way to access to the Attributes from an Dictionary File ?
I hope somebody please could help me ?

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