2.x.x regression: custom SQL queries

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Fri Jul 5 15:22:32 CEST 2013


> Could be linking to an older version of rlm_expr. The registration for the md5
> xlat was moved out of main/xlat.c into rlm_expr, and IIRC 2.x.x doesn't have
> strict version checking between radiusd and the modules.
> If this is the case expr will probably be available, but hex/sha1/base64/tobase64/
> base64tohex won't be.

Ah... this rings a bell. I had only seen those md5 errors this morning,
while I had 2.x.x running for some longer time. Thought I had only
overlooked it... but:

Indeed: radiusd.conf links to libs in a symlink directory which always
points to the "latest" I've installed. Except that this morning, I
didn't adapt the symlink as I hopped between versions.

So, sorry about that. The sql INSERT not actually working is still an
issue though; just forget about the MD5 please.

Sorry for the noise,


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