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On 25 Jul 2013, at 14:14, Bill Schoolfield <bill at> wrote:

> We can't distribute FreeRadius w/o GPL-ing our entire package. Anyway I don't think that's not particularly pertinent (I should not have mentioned it).
> On a client's host I think I'm leaning towards installing the freeradius rpm, then during our install process, "layer in" the needed files (to build and install our module). That way we don't have to build out a entire radius instance on our build machines.
> Any thought to including the necessary src files so folks can build their modules from a rpm distro?

Ok what src files do you actually need, the debian package at least installs enough of the FreeRADIUS headers to be able to build modules.  I believe John Dennis was talking about creating a freeradius-devel package which does the same (for 3.0).

You don't need any more than that surely? Or is there some weird legal thing i'm missing about linking against the FreeRADIUS libraries?


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