The build is now clean

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Jun 24 15:00:55 CEST 2013


> - it has a large number of test cases which run on every push to github

..I was wondering how the recent 'doesnt compile' got through - and thinking
about it, its because the test system has all the required libraries installed.
maybe would be good to have a test system that is a basic install - and thus
will fail to build things that have required libraries?

> - many people are running v3 in production.

I'd like the definition of many ;-)   - how many of those are doing proxying,
RADSEC, using SQL with dynamic-clients and buffered-sql, decoupled-accounting etc.
this is where the historic bugs appear to lurk

>   i.e. v3 has less code than v2, and does more.

:-)   I agree...but those with established 2.x servers and not much knowledge
of how things work arent going to have a nice smooth upgrade - there is no 'upgrade tool'
to help make the move.  What is RedHst et als view of the new major release? will
we see FR3 in RHEL 7 - or in 8 or 9? (look at the slow 1.x -> 2.x transitions in most

certainly, in my view, FR 3.0 will be far more 'eduroam ready' out of the box than it
ever was with 2.x - that'll help those admins who want to reploy this superior RADIUS
solution....those that already run 2.x will have to be sold the advantages..


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