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> On 25 Jun 2013, at 10:00, stefan.paetow at wrote:
>> I suppose updating the Wiki would be a useful start for those changes between FR 2.x and FR 3.0 (for example, eap.conf no longer exists, its functionality has moved to the eap module). Little things that newbies (I'm one) would miss out on, would be very helpful... 
>> I was also wondering whether RHEL 7 will have FR 3 in it or whether it'll be 2.2.0 (that's what Fedora 17 has and that's where I got my FR 2.2 source from for my own FR 2.2.0 RPM spin).
>> I definitely need to get myself a Github account so I can help more. 
> Well you're going to need one to push back the patches.
> I've applied the certs patch, seems like more sensible defaults anyway. But when you're fixing up the spec file could you add a post-install hook to cd to 'raddb/certs' and 'make'.

or make -C raddb/certs

No volunteers for suse? :(

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