Status-Server replies

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Mar 5 18:53:32 CET 2013

Jakob Hirsch wrote:
> we use freeradius (currently 2.2.0) status server feature to gather
> statistics from our RADIUS servers (and plot it with rrdtool), which
> works quite nice, with a single flaw: As documented in the status server
> example config, "The Status-Server packets are also counted in the total
> requests && responses.".

  That could be fixed with minor code changes.

> This falsifies the numbers, especially since we
> use two different stats (one global, one separated by client).
> There is a packet code for Status-Client (13) besides Status-Server
> (12), so I modified the code to use and accept that one (patch attached,
> only slightly tested).

  RFC 5997 says that the response to Status-Server is Access-Accept

> So I wondered, is there a specific reason for using Access-Accept
> instead of Status-Client? (Ok, the reply code could also be
> Access-Reject, but AFAICS this only used for Status-Server requests on
> non-status port, which would be an unusual situation, so I guess that's ok.)

  It came out of discussion on the IETF RADEXT list.

  It's easier just to fix the code so that the Status-Server packets
aren't counted.

  Alan DeKok.

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