Renaming in git head

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Mar 17 05:44:53 CET 2013

  Many of the modules use inconsistent names for the internal variables.
 We're going through and re-naming them for consistency.  This may break
third-party modules.

  Arran also fixed a number of issues in the EAP module, to remove
duplicate code.  This means that the dictionaries have been updated to
match.  Please ensure that the dictionaries you're using match the
source, otherwise it won't work.

  I've also updated the server core to load all of the modules in
raddb/mods-enabled.  This means that the "instantiate" section of
radiusd.conf becomes less relevant.  You just need to list a module for
it to be loaded.

  There is a side-effect.  The build enabled some modules which won't
always work (counter and inner-eap).  Just delete those from
raddb/mods-enabled/ if there's an issue.

  The "instantiate" section is still run first, as some modules depend
on others.  Using "instantiate" allows you to force loading order for
some modules.

  After the "instantiate" section is run, all of the modules in the
"mods-enabled" directory are loaded.  After that, the virtual servers
are loaded.

  This ordering makes the debug output a little easier to read.  It
would previously load the modules as it parsed the virtual servers.
That meant the debug messages for the module config would be
interspersed with the virtual server config.  Now, they're all together
in the "modules" section.

  The debug output should now be much easier to read.

  Alan DeKok.

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