Problem with custom accounting module.

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> I've stumbled onto this also.
> Suddenly my server started crashing.
> So I checked what I added recently. Removed stuff, until there was almost nothing left in the module, but still it crashed (on "request->packet->anything").
> And then I noticed someone had changed the build procedure, adding "--enable-developer" to the FreeRADIUS build.
> (module wasn't built with "-DNDEBUG").
> Since several (at least two !) people have had this problem, maybe something could be done.
> Perhaps adding a public function in FreeRADIUS, which would allow to check if it was built or not with "NDEBUG" ?
> This would allow a module, upon instantiate, to check that its build is consistent with the server build, and if not complain and return "fail".
> What do you think ?

I think it's dumb having a compiler macro which alters the fields in public structs in such a way that it causes these sorts of issues.

We should either add NDEBUG to features.h, or always include those fields.

I'm deferring to Alan D because IIRC he had strong objections to including NDEBUG in features.h last time this came up.

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