Is git branch v3.0.x safe to take snapshot from for a long term release?

John Dennis jdennis at
Fri Jan 10 18:30:37 CET 2014

We're getting ready to freeze our version of freeradius for RHEL-7.
Currently RHEL-7 has 3.0.0 as released on October 7. There have been a
quite a few bug fixes in the last 3 months which have been committed to
the v3.0.x branch. All those fixes should be part of whatever we release
as freeradius 3 in RHEL-7. Even though the October 7th release of 3.0.0
is the current official release we don't think we should ship this
version in RHEL-7, there have been too many problems in 3.0.0 which have
subsequently been discovered and fixed (kudos to the community and the
core developers for finding and fixing 3.0.0 issues! Thank You.)

What I want to do to prepare the RHEL-7 version is to apply all the git
commits between release_3_0_0 tag and HEAD as a patch thus effectively
making the RHEL-7 version of 3.0.0 equivalent to the current head of the
v3.0.x branch. This is also equivalent to making a snapshot of the
v3.0.x branch at a certain moment in time (today).

Is there any reason to believe the current state of the v3.0.x branch as
of today is not the best state of 3.x to become a long term RPM in
RHEL-7? In other words is anyone aware of anything problematic in the
v3.0.x tip and why this shouldn't be the final state of 3.0 in the
initial release of RHEL-7?

P.S.: I realize more fixes will be committed to the v3.0.x branch as
time goes by, We've been averaging 4.5 commits per day to v3.0.x since
3.0.0 was released. Missing some future fixes is OK, one has to put a
stake in the ground at some point.

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