Is git branch v3.0.x safe to take snapshot from for a long term release?

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jan 10 19:42:03 CET 2014

John Dennis wrote:
> What I want to do to prepare the RHEL-7 version is to apply all the git
> commits between release_3_0_0 tag and HEAD as a patch thus effectively
> making the RHEL-7 version of 3.0.0 equivalent to the current head of the
> v3.0.x branch. This is also equivalent to making a snapshot of the
> v3.0.x branch at a certain moment in time (today).


> Is there any reason to believe the current state of the v3.0.x branch as
> of today is not the best state of 3.x to become a long term RPM in
> RHEL-7? In other words is anyone aware of anything problematic in the
> v3.0.x tip and why this shouldn't be the final state of 3.0 in the
> initial release of RHEL-7?

  I'm not aware of any issues left in 3.0.x.

> P.S.: I realize more fixes will be committed to the v3.0.x branch as
> time goes by, We've been averaging 4.5 commits per day to v3.0.x since
> 3.0.0 was released. Missing some future fixes is OK, one has to put a
> stake in the ground at some point.

  Most of the patches are for non-core pieces.  e.g. 15 build fixes for
WITH / WITHOUT functionality, ~60 for src/tests, ~30 for the build
system, etc.

  The goal is to stabilize future releases, including this one.

  Alan DeKok.

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