reply attributes not always sent (radius_paircreate() problem seen in rlm_ippool)

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Tue Jan 21 23:48:54 CET 2014

On 20 Jan 2014, at 17:24, Arran Cudbard-Bell <a.cudbardb at> wrote:

> On 20 Jan 2014, at 15:32, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
>> John Dennis wrote:
>>> While you're at it could you also fix the warning messages in
>>> rad_encode() (radius.c around line 1850) so they're emitted. Maybe they
>>> should be DEBUG statements instead of fr_strerror_printf() or maybe fix
>>> fr_strerror_printf(), either way it should show up when running in debug
>>> -X mode.
>> It's not always an error to miss encoding attributes.  The call to
>> rad_encode() succeeds, so there's no reason for the radiusd binary to
>> print out an error.  The issue is that rad_encode() calls rad_vp2attr().
> and rad_vp2attr() passes back error codes from the other attribute encoders, and those encoders log errors using fr_strerror_printf(). rad_encode() doesn't call fr_strerror_printf() itself on rad_vp2attr() error, so it seems some place in the code isn't checking the return value of rad_encode().
>> So maybe rad_encode() should print the error string, via a DEBUG
>> statement.
> It's a library function. It shouldn't even have the DEBUG() macro available.

OK. Fixed the fr_strerror_printf() issue.


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