Modified version of rlm_counter for FR3

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Tue Mar 11 21:13:40 CET 2014

On 11 Mar 2014, at 19:18, Marco Marino <marino.mrc at> wrote:

> It's a modified version of rlm_counter. 
> New features:
> 1) Per realm or per nas-identifier different counters with possibility of set reply and check item values.
> Logical behavior is (per realm counter example)
> - if the user "has" a realm and this realm is present in the configuration file, then it returns check and reply values in the config file.
> - else -> normal behavior of freeradius. 
> 2) Avoid the gdbm database reset after a freeradius restart using the configuration file.
> Pay attention please: rlm_counter needs the "daily" directive in the authorize and accounting sections!
> Repository is here ->  (i'm not so sure. I'm not using well bitbucket, so if we have problems, please mail me)
> In the repository there is a file named counter that contains an example for a configuration file. Use this in mods-available/counter and create a symbolic link in mods-enabled/

I appreciate your contribution, but putting fixes in with your initial commit makes it impossible to see what the fixes were.

Also you're using bitbucket, which is made by Atlassian, and Atlassian is an awful company which makes truly awful and unusable software. You can always tell you're using Atlassian software, because the experience is accompanied by the urge to self lobotomise with the nearest pointy object.

JIRA and Confluence are universally hated by almost every engineer and system administrator who comes in contact with them, and almost universally loved by project managers, it's bizarre. The only theory I have for this, is that perhaps PM's being raised on Excel, Powerpoint and word, feel a bit lost when the application they're working with isn't repeatedly kicking them in the nads.

jira: "Oh you want to close your task?"
user: "Yes"
user: "Huh? What?"
user: "Why don't you just display the field on this screen?"

Anyway. Your patches sound useful, but like the previous code you sent are difficult to review as they've just been munged with the original source. If you break out your changes into small commits, we can actually review them, and merge them, or at least provide useful feedback.


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