Modified version of rlm_counter for FR3

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Mar 12 00:01:16 CET 2014

Marco Marino wrote:
> It's a modified version of rlm_counter. 

  It's easier to see what's changed if you start off with the main
FreeRADIUS git repository.  There is no benefit to pulling out
rlm_counter, and putting it into it's own git repository.

  Doing that makes it impossible to tell what's changed.  It's
impossible to use git to pull the changes back into the main repository.
 Instead of using git, we've got to apply the patches by hand.

  i.e. this negates *all* benefit of using git.

  Please use github to fork the main FreeRADIUS repository.  Then,
commit your patches one by one.  Then, submit a "pull" request.

> In the repository there is a file named counter that contains an
> example for a configuration file. Use this in mods-available/counter
> and create a symbolic link in mods-enabled/

  As opposed to just modifying the raddb/mods-available/counter file
directly, and tracking those changes in git.

  You've made it as difficult as possible for us to accept these
changes.  Why?

  And things like this in the code will NEVER be accepted:

*       Define a structure for single counter object
typedef struct single_counter_t {
        char *name;
        int check;
        int reply;
        struct single_counter_t *next;
} single_counter_t;

  There is NO REASON to put your initials into the code.  If you need to
track who changed the code, use "git".

  Alan DeKok.

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