Modified version of rlm_counter for FR3

Marco Marino marino.mrc at
Wed Mar 12 09:00:25 CET 2014

i think you have not understood the sense of this contribute. I don't have
experience with git, so i thought that create a my own repository was a
better idea.
I don't known atlassian or jira, and i'm using atlassian instead of github
only because it's free and i can create private repository.

It is obvious that
cannot be pushed in the main repository of freeradius. I'm using this only
for track changes to code. This is a bad idea, ok, but, as i mentioned
before, it's due to my inexperience with git.
That i can do is:
- create a new public repository (on bitbucket or github, it's the same in
my case!)
- init this repo with the original code of the rlm_counter module
- Pushing new code gradually

Sincerely, i don't know how create a fork on github and i don't know if it
is useful for a single module composed of a single file.
This is not my primary job, i wanted write this code because it is a need
in my company and i thought that there may be other users with same needs.
I'm sorry if i done something stupid.


2014-03-12 0:01 GMT+01:00 Alan DeKok <aland at>:

> Marco Marino wrote:
> > It's a modified version of rlm_counter.
>   It's easier to see what's changed if you start off with the main
> FreeRADIUS git repository.  There is no benefit to pulling out
> rlm_counter, and putting it into it's own git repository.
>   Doing that makes it impossible to tell what's changed.  It's
> impossible to use git to pull the changes back into the main repository.
>  Instead of using git, we've got to apply the patches by hand.
>   i.e. this negates *all* benefit of using git.
>   Please use github to fork the main FreeRADIUS repository.  Then,
> commit your patches one by one.  Then, submit a "pull" request.
> > In the repository there is a file named counter that contains an
> > example for a configuration file. Use this in mods-available/counter
> > and create a symbolic link in mods-enabled/
>   As opposed to just modifying the raddb/mods-available/counter file
> directly, and tracking those changes in git.
>   You've made it as difficult as possible for us to accept these
> changes.  Why?
>   And things like this in the code will NEVER be accepted:
> //MM
> /*
> *       Define a structure for single counter object
> */
> typedef struct single_counter_t {
>         char *name;
>         int check;
>         int reply;
>         struct single_counter_t *next;
> } single_counter_t;
>   There is NO REASON to put your initials into the code.  If you need to
> track who changed the code, use "git".
>   Alan DeKok.
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