Modified version of rlm_counter for FR3

Fajar A. Nugraha list at
Wed Mar 12 09:12:23 CET 2014

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 3:00 PM, Marco Marino <marino.mrc at> wrote:
> Sincerely, i don't know how create a fork on github and i don't know if it
> is useful for a single module composed of a single file.
> This is not my primary job, i wanted write this code because it is a need in
> my company and i thought that there may be other users with same needs.
> I'm sorry if i done something stupid.


Your intent is highly appreciated. And what you've done is not stupid.
It's just that the way you do it, the devs will need to allocate more
time and effort to even review your code.

If your intention is to simply "put your code out in the open", then
what you've done is probably enough. Those who currently face the same
problem might be able to find your code thru the list archive.

However if you want your contribution to make it upstream, you need to
follow up on that by forking current freeradius repo on github, adding
your commits (with relevant commit notes), and then sending a pull
request. It's actually very easy once you get used to it. However it
does require some time to learn.


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