Make Failing during installation of Radius server version 3.0.12

Javed jaakhtar at
Mon Jan 16 13:25:00 CET 2017


The OS is FreeBSD. And I need to build it in this only .Kindly suggest.


Javed Akhtar
Technical Lead
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On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 04:30:21PM +0530, Javed wrote:
> Then inside the folder I tried to ./configure and followed by make command.
> Here is the log generated during make command.
> make: "scripts/scripts/" line 401: Need an operator
> make: "scripts/scripts/" line 404: Need an operator
> make: "scripts/scripts/" line 408: Need an operator
> make: "scripts/scripts/" line 409: Need an operator
> Can Anyone suggest me what went wrong?

What make command (and OS)?

Off-the-cuff guess... Solaris?

Try GNU make and see if that helps.


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