Using a database schema other than the one created by db_mysql.sql

Ana Bizarro anaj at
Tue Aug 2 22:35:00 CEST 2005


We have a (mysql) database where we have usernames and passwords and I
recently installed freeradius on our server. I would like the freeradius
server to authenticate using the database but, obviously, our database
schema is completely different than the one created by db_mysql.sql.

All the documentation (and examples) I've seen so far mention the
db_mysql.sql script (even in the RADIUS book) and I was wondering, if it's
possible to use our own database, how do I tell RADIUS that "uid" in the
users table is the username and "pwd" is the password?
For the tables names, I'm assuming I can just change the sql.conf file and
replace whatever is inside " " by our own table names
usergroup_table = "usergroup"
replace by
usergroup_table = "users"


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