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> by db_mysql.sql
> Hi,
> We have a (mysql) database where we have usernames and 
> passwords and I recently installed freeradius on our server. 
> I would like the freeradius server to authenticate using the 
> database but, obviously, our database schema is completely 
> different than the one created by db_mysql.sql.
> All the documentation (and examples) I've seen so far mention 
> the db_mysql.sql script (even in the RADIUS book) and I was 
> wondering, if it's possible to use our own database, how do I 
> tell RADIUS that "uid" in the users table is the username and 
> "pwd" is the password?
> For the tables names, I'm assuming I can just change the 
> sql.conf file and replace whatever is inside " " by our own 
> table names
> Like:
> usergroup_table = "usergroup"
> replace by
> usergroup_table = "users"
> Thanks,
> -Ana

And for all the Other you write the SQL Statements to your Tablefields you
For a update like
Tablefield = '%s' for date and Time in this field for the AcctstopTime and
so on where is the Problem,
The Statements in the sql.conf are pure SQL.

And the Insert's as so too

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