No accounting replies to NAS'es!

Erling Paulsen erling.paulsen at
Wed Aug 3 13:49:15 CEST 2005


I might have missunderstood some concepts here!

We have a freeradius server as proxy, but it's doing all the accounting by
itself. Authentication is handled by remote servers, i.e. other
freeradius'es and IAS'es.

Accounting is logged fine to detail files and a remote Postgresql DB.

So, as I understood it, I have made proxy.conf setups like the following

realm student.X.Y {
        type            =       radius
        authhost        =       studentserv.X.Y:1812
        accthost        =       LOCAL
        secret          =     	<some secret> 

Setting accthost to LOCAL for handling the accounting. The problem is that
the NAS'es never recieves any accounting reply and I don't understand why?

This causes the NAS'es (cisco switches) to timeout and retransmit lotsof
duplicates. So, any hints to why replies are not sent back?

- Erling

Erling.Paulsen at
Nettseksjonen, ITavd UiT

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