Cisco, DNIS and ISDN Problems

Wilhelm Lehmann wilhelm at
Thu Aug 4 14:14:32 CEST 2005


I don't specify a NAS-Port-Type value, and on the Lucent (Livingston) then
it doesn't matter if the user is Async or ISDN, it works. 

I tried a default of NAS-Port-Type = Async|ISDN and on the Livingston it
still works, ie a user can still connect Async or ISDN but not on the cisco
NAS. On the Cisco he can only connect Async.

The only difference in ANY of my setups between the Lucent and the Cisco is 

client 196.45.xx.xx {
        secret          = xxxx
        shortname       = e1-whk-1-gw
        nastype         = livingston

client 196.44.xx.xx {
        secret          = xxxxx
        shortname       = Windhoek-as1
        nastype         = cisco

But strangely when I switch back to Livingston radius with the same configs
as freeradius ISDN and Async works again for the same user on Cisco and


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greetings from the bottom of africa :)

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Wilhelm Lehmann wrote:

> Suddenly we found the ISDN users can't authenticate.

how do you define your isdn users in freeradius ? the cisco devices would
require a port type together with a port limit if you doing 128K isdn ...


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