Cisco, DNIS and ISDN Problems

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Aug 4 21:10:47 CEST 2005

"Wilhelm Lehmann" <wilhelm at> wrote:
> I then logged on using ISDN, Same username, same password as for the Async,
> and got the following. (Lucent again works 100% on ISDN as well, but on the
> Cisco the user connects, but does not allow any data flow. And no IP address
> is assigned by the Cisco) Sometimes the User connects and the immediately
> disconnects, telling the user Authentication Failure. The log for this is
> *** connect disconnect ***

  The only problem is that the debug output you posted shows the
server sending Access-Accept.  So it does NOT match the logs you
posted earlier, which showed authentication failure.

  And the Access-Accepts that it sends back are the *same* for both
Lucent & Cisco.  So if one works and the other doesn't, it's a NAS
problem.  i.e. one of the NASes expects something additional that
you're not sending it.

  There is *nothing* magic about RADIUS, Livingston, or FreeRADIUS.
If you can make FreeRADIUS send back to the Cisco NAS *exactly* the
same packet that Livingston sends, then it will work.

  I'll bet large amounts of money that you've configured FreeRADIUS to
send *different* packets back to the NASes than what was sent back by
Livingston.  Fix that, and the problem will go away.

  Alan DeKok.

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