RadZap Still given (negative Port)

Sarkis Gabriel sarky at raycon.net
Tue Aug 16 16:02:31 CEST 2005

After installing the CVS although not the latest one as of today but it was suppose to
have the fix for the Negative port.

radwho -ZR -N -u74347

User-Name = "74347"
Acct-Session-Id = "80a0000d"
Acct-Status-Type = Stop
NAS-IP-Address =
NAS-Port = -2136997875
Service-type = Login-User
Framed-IP-Address =
Acct-Session-Time = 21495
Calling-Station-Id = "00:11:43:79:E7:"

radwho -r

74347,74347,shell,S2157969421,Tue 08:58,,

The difference now is that a simple radwho -r used to show the S-21... but now it doesnt
and if you do a radwho -ZR................ it shows a negative port.



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