[radius] Freeradius/MySql problem

Radius radius at kingmanaz.net
Sun Jul 3 22:58:31 CEST 2005

Alan DeKok wrote:

>Radius <radius at kingmanaz.net> wrote:
>>I re-ran the install as you said below.
>>I think it's working, I just have to get used to adding /opt/freeradius 
>>in the command lines.
>>Been watching with the radiusd -x and can even run a radtest
>  Exactly.  The problem, as evidenced by your multiple recent emails,
>is that you weren't sure what you had done, or what you were doing.
>As a result, your progress was less than speedy.
>  In general, you NEVER upgrade production servers until you've
>upgraded your testing server, and validated the configuration.
>  You do have a testing server, don't you?  Or do you always make
>updates to your live config, and hope it doesn't break anything?
>>But now I'm back to the original problem to deny anything with UPPER 
>>CASE letters to
>>prevent double billing by our provider.
>  A recent post explained how to fix this.  I suggest going back, and
>reading all of the messages in this thread.
The uncomment of the lines under sql.conf and
putting the lower_user & lower_pass to "no"

did not fix it.

It still allows UPPER case logins.
I can't mess with mysql. That was installed by me and it worked. Used
your mysql import and that's the way it's been for over a year. Never 
been touched
since it's installation.

Radius is the only thing that uses the mysql setup. Nothing else does.

The only reason I updated was I was told I needed to for this to work or 
I would have not
done it.

Last year when I went with FreeRadius was because I was told I needed 
to. Cistron did
not play well with mysql, and I didn't want to be adding all those 
people to the users file for
the chap logins.

But this time those errors came up when I went back to a previous install.

Other wise I don't do enough changes to our server for a test machine. 
This is the first time
in a year I touched anything on the server at all except to get the 
realms working back in

I have mirror backups no older than 24 hours, so I was to a point of 
putting in the mirror drive
in and reboot and have everything back where it was yesterday with the 
only loss being emails
and one days accounting. Very easy to update.

Mount the old, move the mail/billing files over. I could have crashed 
the system and be running again in
less than 10 minutes.

The servers only do radius/web/email/billing/support backroom. Nothing 
else. Usually when I get
ready to change the kernel installation, I then build a full new server 
and install it and move
things over to it that way after it burns for 6 month's. New machines 
always break the first 4 month's
if they are going to break at all. At the end of two years I pull and 
replace. These turn in to kids machines.

They usually go bad in 6 month's or so. I think I just about figured MTF 
on the machines. Been doing it this
way since the start in 1995. Never had a computer crash. Have had hard 
drives go bad, but have the mirror
backups. I use all the same drives etc.

I only have to do that once every couple years when I replace all the 
Otherwise, I have not changed things that effects system operation.

Any programs that I use are stand alone and they don't have anything to 
do with system
operation so if they go wrong it's only the program that goes wrong not 
my system. They
don't run as root. They are a hidden user that does those. Never needs 
to be root.

The ones I write are only for my user billing and back room for our 
support people
to read the different info/radius/billing files for each user and simple 
web pages but
people offer those to me free so it's easy to test those first anyway. 
Even our signup
scripts are 11 years old. Still use the same ones with minor adjustments 
when things
went to shadow passwords.

So no never needed a test server in 11 years of doing internet.

>  Alan DeKok.
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