Traffic does not pass trought AP1300

Stefan Winter freeradius-users-ml at
Mon Jul 4 14:36:49 CEST 2005


> State             : EAP-Assoc          Parent           : self

This shows that from the RADIUS side, everything is fine.

> Decrypt Failed    : 45                 RTS Retries      : 0

> it seems that all traffic rejected by AP1300m why? Is it Radius, Cisco
> or my old orinoco card(I've bought it about 4 years ago)
> interface Dot11Radio0
>   !
>   encryption mode wep mandatory
>   !

So you have configured your AP for static WEP. My guess is that your Windows 
(XP?) box tries to apply a dynamic key, so that the two keys don't match, 
which in turn leads to Decrypt failed errors.
encryption mode ciphers wep128
on the AP and set the option WEP, assigned automatically on the XP box.
And don't ask the freeradius mailing list next time, your problem has nothing 
to do with RADIUS.


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