Multiple Sql Databases

psyco at psyco at
Tue Jul 5 17:26:56 CEST 2005

Righ now my organization has 2 master radius servers (1 primary 1 slave)
which have sql databases stored on them.  I also have 4 radius servers
under these two master servers which handle proxied radius requests based
on realm names from the two master servers and authenticate using sql
databases that are located on the two master servers.  Basically I
couldn't find a better way to do it and I'm now to the point where I need
to add in three more sql databases and three more realms.  I'm looking for
a solution where I don't need to keep on adding more radius servers just
to take the request and throw it back at the masters.  Just incase it is
hard to understand what is going on, here is what I have currently.

2 Master servers that recieve requests from an outside NAS for realms such
as username at username at,
username at, username at,
username at etc. etc. etc.  These Master servers also
have postgresql databases with names such as adsl, dialup, mobile etc.
etc. etc.

4 Radius Servers that recieve requests from the masters.  For instance in
the master i might have a config in proxy.conf to forward requests for to radius server.  This radius server
recieves that request and authenticates the user  using the database that
is written in /etc/postgresql.conf.  (In my case I keep all the databases
on the master radius servers NOT on the individual radius servers.)

So as you see these 3 radius servers seem to be a little out of place but
this is the only way I could find to do this.  It would be handy if I
could say in proxy.conf to authenticate to localhost on database adsl etc.
etc.  However, as I see it you can't do that and the configurable failover
is only to configure failovers so I really don't know what else to do.  I
can't keep on adding radius dummy radius servers everytime I make a new

I would appreciate ANY help all of you well experienced geniuses could give.


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